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What We Do

Our focus on care-centered consulting drives us to value relationships, collaboration, and social justice. We support our partners through this values-driven approach and ensure it is ingrained in our organizational model.

We are mediators and facilitators who help shape collective processes and outcomes in a cooperative way, putting people at the center of decision-making. Our approach is not about imposing a set of solutions but rather about co-creating and experimenting with our partners to identify alternatives, strategize possible roadmaps, and decide the best route.

For Arts Organizations

Impact & Evaluation

We facilitate envisioning sessions, co-develop theory of changes, and help you lay out robust evaluation plans through a participatory lens. Services include:

  • Theory of Change
  • Participatory Research Methods: Focus groups, story circles, and listening sessions
  • Impact Report Development
  • Effective Agenda Setting & Socializing to Build Team Alignment

Strategy & Planning

We facilitate strategic planning sessions and do all the heavy lifting behind the process, from organizational DNA to the implementation plan. We co-shape strategic plans that are flexible, adaptable, and integrated into your organizational culture and workflows. We also offer business planning through a values-driven approach.

  • Strategic & Iterative Planning
  • Mission, Vision, and Values
  • Impact Business Model Design
  • Ecosystem Mapping
  • Value Proposition Design

Proposal Writing for Nonprofits

We partner with BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and immigrant-led nonprofit organizations to support their grant-writing efforts on an ongoing and project-based basis.

We work with you to build a strong funding case and grant strategy that is true to your purpose, organizational story, and goals. 

For Artists & Creatives

Kitchen Table Talks | Personalized Consulting

Our “Kitchen Table Talks” are 90-minute sessions for creatives, collectives, and organizations seeking strategic and tactical support.

We guide you through overcoming creative or strategic business-related challenges and envisioning new projects or ideas. Scroll to the bottom section of this page to read our Q&A and learn more.


We offer jargon-free arts administration workshops tailored for artists and collectives aiming to strengthen their creative business endeavors.

Our workshops include “Business (Not) As Usual,” delving into various business incorporation models aligned with liberatory values. Additionally, “Storytelling & Brainwriting” is offered for artists and collectives engaged in community-based work, offering strategies to effectively engage community members in program design and evaluation.

"The experience with terra cotta has been crucial for our organization, Water People Theater. The vision of its leader, Constanza Mendoza, is relevant and timely for an organization like ours, which, after 22 years of history, needs a moment of reflection to continue growing.

terra cotta and Constanza have been instrumental in this turning point and evaluation to define how we live our present, leading us to a new story.

Constanza is a high-level professional due to her immense humanity, ability to listen and empathize, and commitment. We have learned a lot while working with her. Thank you, terra cotta and Constanza!"
"In June 2020, the Sala Mendoza Foundation conducted the Online Organizational Culture Laboratory for artistic and cultural institutions. Directed by Constanza Mendoza, it was an unprecedented initiative in Venezuela, as organizational thinking in the cultural field tends to need more offers not linked to academia.

Focusing on creating strong and competent organizational structures, the program conveyed the vital needs and routes to defining mission, vision, and values. Constanza developed a memorable and useful experience that generates fundamental reflections beyond cultural management and organizational culture."
“Constanza's advice was accurate and stimulating. We were able to share valuable creative exchanges and respond to challenges with the necessary speed and precision.”
"Working with terra cotta has been one of the best decisions as an organization and team. Constanza is very professional, compassionate, motivating, and precise. In working with her, communication has been the vehicle to progress, identify obstacles, evaluate, and grow strategically.

terra cotta is a space for connection, humanity, and certainty. terra cotta is the future. Thank you, Constanza!"


Most frequent questions and answers about our consulting services


Consulting is about actively listening to your needs and challenges, facilitating conversations by asking insightful questions, and providing a roadmap of possible solutions informed by our experience and assets of knowledge. Our approach is comprised of a blend of coaching and consulting techniques.

Our offerings are entirely tailored to you and your team, meaning that they include 1:1 and group conversations, a holistic assessment, and post-consultation supporting documents and materials with a customized roadmap/action plan.

Explore our services.


We are committed to embracing solidarity economy and offer sliding scale rates on our Kitchen Table Talks.

We offer sliding scale rates for projects and organizations, but the baseline rate will depend on a number of different factors, including scope, timeline, and budget.

Schedule a connection meeting with us to learn more.


We love to speak in rough draft and understand that sometimes finding the words to articulate what we want to accomplish can be challenging! Nevertheless, we recommend that you go through the process of thinking through some of your project’s or organization’s goals, timeline, and budget before our first meeting.

This way, we can optimize our consulting time together, and make sure we dig into other equally relevant aspects of your needs.

Schedule a connection meeting with us if you want to learn more about our consulting process.


Even though there is not a “best time”, we know our partners have appreciated working with us when they are:

  • Navigating a transition in their project or organization (i.e., staff turnover, onboarding new board/staff members, strategic planning, et cetera).
  • At the early stages of a new project that demands reviewing goals, budget, timeline, impact, and other relevant aspects.
  • In need of an outsider perspective that can bring an insightful view and act as a mediator, facilitator, thought partner, strategist, or co-shaper.

If you’re not sure if right now is the best time to embark on a consulting project, feel free to schedule a connection meeting with us.


Send us an email to learn how we can support you!