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Kitchen Table Talks: Personalized Consulting
  • Feel disjointed and need help with next steps?
  • Want advice on implementing, testing, or generating new ideas before investing a lot of resources, time, and labor?
  • Would appreciate having some feedback and guidance on how to move forward with a project, next career phase, or opportunity?

Our Kitchen Table Talks are personalized consulting services for folks, projects, and organizations who want guidance, feedback, or advice on navigating a specific challenge, strategizing on next steps, or reviewing existing projects.

This offering goes beyond the 90-minute meeting by encompassing a thorough review of any documents and materials you share with us prior to our consultation. Furthermore, we also provide you with a detailed assessment report and roadmap to guide you on the path to achieving your goals in alignment with your values and resources.

Finally, Kitchen Table Talks can be suitable for individuals, projects, and organizations since it adapts to the scope of your work.

How Kitchen Table Talks Work

  • For individuals or organizations (up to 2 co-workers)
  • Duration of the meeting: 90 minutes, with possibility of extension
  • Format: Online
  • Language: English or Spanish
  • Pricing: Discover our sliding scale
  • Scope of the work:
    1. We review your supporting materials, website/social media, or documents prior to the meeting
    2. A 90-minute long consultation
    3. Immediate and after-consultation insights and solutions
    4. Final document statement with an assessment report, a roadmap with suggested solutions, and a list of resources
    5. Two post-consultation revisions

Scroll down to discover some examples of topics we cover during a Kitchen Table Talk.

Examples of Areas to Cover

  • Brainstorming & Strategy Session: Coming up with new ideas and setting a structure to test, implement, and evaluate them
  • Review & Feedback Session. Examples:
    • Feedback on a grant or proposal writing
    • Portfolio or artist Statement Review
  • Project Assessment:
    • Get insights on a project’s concept, planning, or impact
  • Review & Feedback on Business Planning or Revenue Strategies
    • Ideal for organizations who want to run some ideas on how to increase earned revenue
  • Strategic Guidance on Next Steps & Project Feasibility
  • Feedback on Management Areas (strategic planning, program management, etc), or specialized knowledge (collections interpretation, curatorial thesis, etc)

Not sure we can cover your challenge on an hourly consulting basis? Consider scheduling a free connection meeting to talk about the scope of your project or send us an email with your questions.

What Kitchen Table Talk Is

  • This thorough offering saves you hours of research and work by providing you with informed feedback, culturally responsive guidance, and strategic advice on your challenges and plans.
  • It is a joyful and insightful experience as it makes you consider new perspectives about your project and offer actionable insights on how to evolve from where you are to where you want to be.
  • After our meeting, you’ll have more confidence in yourself and your project, allowing you to take the next steps with a sense of clarity and (hopefully) peace.

What Kitchen Table Talk Is Not

Even though this consulting format entails a thorough review of your work and offers tailored guidance, it might not be suitable for projects or challenges that require a more in-depth involvement or collaboration with multiple people.

The scope of what you wish to review and the level of involvement you want us to have in your project will mark the difference between one session or multiple sessions. 

Please note that our Kitchen Table Talks consulting is not a one-time event. We’re committed to your success and will work with you to determine the best course of action for your project. If we both conclude that additional sessions are necessary to achieve your desired outcomes, we’ll be happy to arrange them for a discounted fee.

Not sure we can cover your challenge on a 90-minute long meeting? Consider scheduling a free connection meeting to talk about the scope of your project or send us an email with your questions.

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