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Sliding Scale Pricing

for Grant Writing

As a small-sized consulting agency, we generate income from our consulting and grant-writing services. Our redistribution rates (see below) allow us to take care of ourselves, engage in research to keep improving our offerings and offer accessible rates to individuals, projects, and organizations most impacted by larger systems.

We acknowledge that the work of creative individuals, projects, and organizations has been largely underfunded, underserved, and devalued, impacting their economic safety. This reality takes on a different shape depending on the intersectional identities of folks.

Thus, we offer sliding scale fees to individuals, teams, and organizations based on these premises and the criteria below. Please, keep in mind that the rates below correspond only to our grant writing services. 

This sliding scale model is inspired by the outstanding work of multiple actors and organizations, including Resource Generation, AORTA, and Both / And.

Rates for Organizations

These rates are for nonprofit organizations. Read the self-assessment questions below to help you consider what rate to pay for the hourly-based grant-writing services.



Full Cost




Self-Assessment for Organizations
  • Were your most recent gross operating revenues less than $500,000/year?
  • Is your organization predominantly owned or led by BIPOC individuals (50% or more)?
  • Is your organization owned or led by refugees or migrants (50% or more)?
  • Is your organization owned or led by people with disabilities (50% or more)?
  • Does your organization have less than 8 full-time employees?
  • Has your organization been running on a deficit for more than 4 years?
If Your Answers Were...
  • Mostly yes – We encourage you to consider our “Solidarity” rate
  • Some yes, some no – We encourage you to consider our “Full Cost” rate
  • Mostly no – We encourage you to consider our “Redistribution” rate
After you've determined your sliding scale fee, please schedule a connection meeting so we can talk about your goals and expectations