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Values-based consulting for artists and arts organizations

terra cotta is a Latina-owned creative agency that believes in the power of art-making and civic engagement to ignite social change.

We partner with socially engaged arts projects and organizations to co-create stronger management, strategy, and impact abilities and build culturally responsive projects and organizations

¡Pensamos, sentimos y hablamos en español también! Todos nuestros servicios son bilingües.

Our Offerings

Personalized Consulting

Our 1:1 consulting services provide a dedicated 90-minute session tailored to the unique needs of creatives, collectives, and projects seeking guidance in overcoming challenges, devising strategies for new endeavors, or reevaluating existing projects.

Proposal Writing

We offer grant-writing services to nonprofit organizations on an ongoing and project-based basis. We work with you to build compelling narratives and a grant strategy that is true to your purpose, organizational story, and goals. 

Strategy & Planning

We facilitate strategic planning sessions in a creative yet rigorous way, tapping into your organizational values and long-term aspirations. We also offer business planning through a values-driven approach to nonprofits and co-ops.

Impact & Evaluation

We facilitate envisioning sessions, co-develop theory of changes, and help you lay out robust evaluation plans through a participatory lens, from designing focus groups and listening sessions to developing impact reports.

Why work with us

Our decade-long experience in the social and nonprofit fields equips us to deeply comprehend the structural challenges faced by the sector and how they impact individuals, projects, and organizations.

We bring this insider perspective to our consulting practice while also drawing on powerful assets of knowledge from other fields. We amplify the impact of individuals, projects, and organizations by providing them with an integrated suite of offerings, learning experiences, and tools for change-making.

"The experience with terra cotta has been crucial for our organization, Water People Theater. The vision of its leader, Constanza Mendoza, is relevant and timely for an organization like ours, which, after 22 years of history, needs a moment of reflection to continue growing.

terra cotta and Constanza have been instrumental in this turning point and evaluation to define how we live our present, leading us to a new story.

Constanza is a high-level professional due to her immense humanity, ability to listen and empathize, and commitment. We have learned a lot while working with her. Thank you, terra cotta and Constanza!"
"In June 2020, the Sala Mendoza Foundation conducted the Online Organizational Culture Laboratory for artistic and cultural institutions. Directed by Constanza Mendoza, it was an unprecedented initiative in Venezuela, as organizational thinking in the cultural field tends to need more offers not linked to academia.

Focusing on creating strong and competent organizational structures, the program conveyed the vital needs and routes to defining mission, vision, and values. Constanza developed a memorable and useful experience that generates fundamental reflections beyond cultural management and organizational culture."
"Working with terra cotta has been one of the best decisions, as an organization and team. Constanza is very professional, compassionate, motivating, and precise. In working with her, communication has been the vehicle to progress, identify obstacles, evaluate, and grow strategically.

terra cotta is a space for connection, humanity, and certainty. terra cotta is the future. Thank you, Constanza!"
“Constanza's advice was accurate and stimulating. We were able to share valuable creative exchanges and respond to challenges with the necessary speed and precision.”